House Party Fitness® works! See amazing results. The total body and heart pumping workout can burn up to 900 calories in one hour*. HPF keeps your body guessing, because muscle confusion breeds results.

What makes House Party Fit® different? We put the fitness back into dance fitness with a little twist. HPF focuses not only on toning, but also strengthening major muscle groups. This is done by incorporating resistance training of the 3 zones: Arms, lower body and core. Whether using your own body weight, bands, or weights,  it is a TOTAL body workout to shape and strengthen. You’ll tone your body and strengthen your mind all in a party atmosphere. It’s tailored to be high energy, but can be modified for ALL fitness and dance levels.
The party is hoppin’ and all are invited! Feel great, look great, and have a blast at the same time! It’s not about how you move, it’s about having fun and enjoying the music YOU love; however, when you move, commit to it and work your style!