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From a finalist Biggest Loser Season 11
Biggest Loser Finalist

House Party Fitness© had the opportunity to do a demo at th Health & Wellness Expo e NBC4 and New York Giants. Little did we know we were going to precede a finalist from the Biggest Loser on NBC. House Party Fitness© tweeted Olivia Ward  from season 11. She replied!

@housepartyfit you guys were having so much fun!! I was dancing right along with you by the stage! 🙂

— Olivia Ward (@BL11Olivia) June 26, 2013


AMAZING Difference in the Body
Kimberly Montgomery

Just want to show you what an AMAZING difference HPF does for your body!

The above pictures were taken when I received my certification at the Master Class! I had been in a slump with my weight loss and just couldn’t get out of it. The black and white picture was taken at my first HPF demo class! As you can tell, noticeable difference! The second picture was taken May 11th, 2013. I have been teaching HPF two times a week plus practicing – so let’s just say I do HPF three-four times a week! I have dropped considerable since my demo! I am strengthening and toning! I have muscles that I never had before! My arms have always been a problem area and now I AM DEVELOPING A VISIBLE MUSCLE! I think in all, I have lost about 15 pounds since I started HPF BUT the difference in my body is AMAZING!

Thank you Thank you Thank you for this amazing program! I live for HPF! I am always wanting to write new choreo and think of ways that I can use toning and resistance bands to strengthen my body! Because of this program – I am on my way to my bikini!


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Great Workout!
Patti Trotta

I loved House Party Fitness from the first time I went out to Cherry Hill to do a class C Bunny was doing with Brooke Blair. I love the energy, the music and the incorporation of resistance in class to give you an even better work out. But not only is it a great work out, its a ton of fun to boot. I feel like I’m going out every Wednesday night!


Feel The Beat
Christina C-Bunny Sarni

I absolutely love teaching House Party Fitness. Being a hip-hop dancer and a personal trainer makes this the best of both worlds! I feel this program is different because it’s about working out in a party atmosphere to the music that really makes us energetic! I am also hard of hearing and the music in this class really makes me feel the beat and want to step outside the box. Brooke Blair brought a great fitness program to life. Real Dance, Real Fitness, The Real Deal!


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Jamie K

I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am that I found your class! Going through this difficult phase in my life is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to face and I am so lucky I have a place to release and have fun and feel good!! It is also so inspiring seeing you build something that serves people in so many great ways!!


One Of A Kind
Erica Incollingo

House Party Fitness is one of a kind! Its a phenomenal workout and tons of FUN! Its unique in that your getting a total body workout and then some with the added balls (my favorite part) Brooke works parts of the body that I didnt even know about LOL, believe me you will feel it the next day for sure:)
oh and the music, well thats what keeps me going!! The music makes a program in my eyes!! Overall House Party

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