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My name is Brooke Blair and I am the creator of House Party Fitness®. I wear many hats: I am a mom, a full time school teacher, and a fitness instructor.
I have always had love for fitness and have been in the fitness industry for many years. I have been certified in Primary Group Exercise and Personal Training. However, nothing has made me feel more alive than teaching dance fitness. I created House Party Fitness® by chance. One day I was asked to teach a traditional hip-hop class. However, I was used to the dance fitness format. I decided to put my hip-hop songs together since I was teaching a format that incorporated different music. I was a few songs short, so I decided to incorporate some strengthening and conditioning in the mix. BOOM! House Party Fitness® was born.
After a short time, “HPF” has taken off into other states with many instructors. What was once a simple idea, has build into a dream come true. You are welcome to try any my classes at my various locations. “My house is your house”
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My Classes:

Mondays – 6:00pm – Nest via Philly Dance Fitness ~Philadelphia, PA

Tuesdays- 6:00pm  Kettle Bell Krazy House Party Fitness + Studio Runnemede, NJ 

Wednesdays 5:30pm HIIT Hop™ House Party Fitness +Studio Runnemede, NJ 

Wednesdays 6:30p HPF House Party Fitness + Studio 

Thursdays 4:30p  HPF Turnt Up House Party Fitness + Studio 

Thursdays – 7:35pm – Cherry Hill Health and Racquet Club ~ Cherry Hill, NJ

Saturdays – 8:30am –  HIIT Hop™ House Party Fitness + Studio 

AdvoCare Distributor (Ask me about the 24 Day Challenge)

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Pine Hill, NJ, United States
Pine Hill, NJ , 08021

Telephone: 856-649-2882



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  • Mondays at 18:00: Nest (1301 Locust St) via Philly Dance Fitness Phia., PA
  • Thursdays at 19:35: Cherry Hill Health and Racquet Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Sundays at 09:30: Virtua Center For HealthFitness
  • Wednesdays at 05:30: Bell's Bodies

Pine Hill, NJ, United States
Pine Hill, NJ , 08021

Telephone: 856-649-2882